Sadaqa jariyah ( Continual charity)

“If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqa jariah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.”  Sahih Muslim 

 Digging Wells - Constructing Mosques - Building Schools

Raising funds for the maintenance and redevelopment of LIC 

A percentage of the profits made by our company are being donated to a UK Registered Charity (No 285641). The funds go towards the maintenance and running of this fantastic community centre, school, Mosque, .Funds are being raised to assist Lewisham Islamic Centre with is ongoing efforts to help phased expansion projects that they have in place, but ultimately if there are enough funds for the the re-construction of a Mosque and Islamic Centre in South East London. 



The main Mosque is on the left and the two adjoining buildings have been recently acquired

The Muslim community of this area - far exceed the present capacity of the current facilities available to them. The trustees of the Mosque over a number of years, with the help and generosity of its patrons, and others have managed to purchase the surrounding businesses with the aim to re-develop the site.


Concept of what a replacement to LIC could be like (InshaAllah)

This is just one of the possible concepts for the replacement of the current building that occupy the site.Nothing has yet been decided - regarding the replacement or reconstruction of the site, the final building designs etc. etc.



Mohamed Afzal Chaudhry, Member of board of Trustees, Project Director, an accomplished Architect, has created an iconic landmark design for the proposed redevelopment (InshAllah) of the site, that is functional, modern and works as a cultural hub for the local community. The design thought moden, is sensitive to the local environment and the surrounding buildings. It takes in to consideration the opposition certain sectors and communities have to traditional designed mosque's beign constructed.


The proposed building aims to incorporate a:

  • Mosque and Islamic School
  • on 12 staggered levels each 0.750sq.m - prayer halls / school classes
  • Homes for elderly Muslims (back of building - levels 1 and 2)
  • Community facilities, food hall and community centre
  • A ground floor courtyard - for people to gather in when arriving and leaving mosque
  • Halal food supplies
  • Cafe
  • Book store
  • Funeral facilities
  • Underground car park



  • Minaret Areas (gross)
  • Level 0: Administration Office
  • Level 1: Offices
  • Basement 1
  • Sports facilities/Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Community/dining hall - multi purpose hall Kitchen medical room
  • Basement 2
  • Car parking for 30 cars