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NOTE: These links below are for external sites, we are not affiliated with any of them and are not responsible for their content, we believe most are disseminating knowledge, information, are sites for learning and referencing The Holy Qur'an and Hadiths, provide general Islamic/Muslim news stories and encourage peace and harmony.

Education and learning: Qur'an, Surahs, Hadith and Sunnah

Quran Explorer 
Learn the Qur'an and Hadith. 
Possibally the web's largest and the most comprehensive hadith library, which puts the most renowned hadith collections at the tip of your fingers. Currently there is just over 10,000 ahadith, (Ahadith is the Plural of Hadith). Need more than Bukhari and Muslim? This unique library also consists of the hadith collections of Imam Tirmid Imam, An-Nasa', Imam Abu Dawud, Imam Malik, Imam Ibn Majahand, the famous collection of Forty Hadith by Imam Nawawi as well as his Riyad Us-Saliheen. 
The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). 
The As-Sunnah Foundation of America ASFA has assembled a group of scholars and professors to teach, writ and translate from traditional sources of Islamic knowledge by authentic scholars of the various schools of fiqh (madhahib) and `aqida.

Mount Hira
A beautiful and well made website to learn Ayat ul-Kursi surah Al-Kafiroun and many other surahs, du'as and 99 names of Allah.

House of Quran
Special Word By Word Quran, recitation, great for learning tajweed & reading. The program aims to simulate a live teacher as closely as possible. Creative feature enables you to learn/correct your reading with the sheikh. By clicking on any word or verse to hear the proper recitation. Repeat each word, verse, & selection many times, place pauses between verses. The Quran audio word for word was custom-recorded.Quran Translation in English and other languages.
Tafseer Raheemi was initially created by some Muslim brothers with the intention of spreading the meaning and message of the holy Quran.


Islamic education: Increasing knowledge and productivity and through graphics  
A global team of volunteers with the sole aim to help the Ummah become Productive. We extract lessons from the Quran, seerah and history of Islamic civilisation and collate them with modern tips and tools to equip you to live a productive lifestyle

Islamic Eduction Through Infographics 
An amazing collection of informative Islamic graphics, for educational use, great creativity and design work.

The Daily  
Links to their social networking sites with a host of good graphic images, quotes, short lectures and more.  
A collection of Islamic quotes and photo quotes.


News, information, and education from the Islamic world perspective.
Sites that are updated regularly with new content.

The Muslim News
Is a monthly and digital newspaper. Having established itself in February 1989, it has grown to become the largest monthly ethnic paper in the UK. It describes itself as, "The only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK, that is not backed by any country, organisation or party." The newspaper offers a platform for Muslims "to lobby and campaign" on a range of issues. 140,000 copies are distributed, many for free in mosques. Its website ( received 1.5 million hits a month. The current editor of The Muslim News is Ahmed Versi, who volunteers full-time to run the paper. Ahmed Versi is an established lobby journalist of three years.

5 Pillars UK
Was launched in April 2013 as a quality community media platform independent and professional. An opinion and analysis-based website which concentrates on British Muslim news but also looks to the wider Islamic world. The site prides itself on these attributes: Independence - Quality journalism - Grassroots focus - Anti-imperialist - Islamic Ethos - and working constructively with non-Muslims attributes.

MuslimMatters began in 2007 as a collaboration between various Bloggers and Shuyukh in order to bring attention to issues faced by Muslims, especially in the West. We have focused on issues of Religion, Society, Ethics, Sex Education, Politics, Civil Rights, Family, as well as the random issues that pop up from now and then, all with some ranting and humor mixed in. We challenge ourselves and our readers to engage in discourses that touch our lives as citizens of the West, while maintaining our individual Islamic identities: ultimately to cooperate, but not to compromise. 
MuslimVillage Incorporated is a non-sectarian, non-profit organisation run by volunteers and relies on the support and good will of brothers and sisters in the community to survive. Previously known as, it was established in 2001 to provide a focal point for Muslims living in Australia, to bind the community together and be an extensive source of information for locals and visitors.
(A beautiful and well presented site). 
Home / About Us About Us inShare Islam21c is the flagship website of MRDF (Muslim Research & Development Foundation) which operates as a non-profit UK registered charity 1119977. Islam21c is fast becoming a leading online reference point dedicated to providing Islamic guidance and solutions to the problems/issues faced by western Muslims in the 21st century, according to the agreed upon principles of Ahl’assunnah wa’l-jama’ah.

Islamic News Daily 
Is a daily Islamic News website, which fetches the news for you from the Muslim world, It dealing primarily with Muslim News & Islam news.

Aims to advance an understand and create a dialogue among different cultures, uses online media to enhance awareness and knowledge leading to a better understanding and peaceful coexistence in our rapidly shrinking global village 
Based in Dubai IslamOnline's objective is to portray a accurate picture of Islam to the world as well as providing support services for Muslims and for non Muslims wishing to explore Islam. IslamOnline is the number one source for Islamic content in the Islamic world.

Central Mosque
Central-Mosque has no association with any Mosque or Islamic organisation and attempts to provide answers to issues and queries pertaining to Islam which are subsequently posted for public view for educational purposes.

An on-line collection of fatwas (Islamic rulings) given by the Council of Senior Scholars in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, QandA's, best practices.  
Islamic Voice is published from Bangalore and is dedicated to promoting the cause of Islam and Muslims, its been in operation since January 1987. Islamic Voice carries many articles of value. They could be read, referred and used in varied forms over and over again. You, your family and coming generations can benefit from the contents at anytime.
('This is a clean modern site - nicely presented, with a good collection of articles well worth looking at'.

Beautiful Islam  
Strives to provide both the Muslim and the non-Muslim with correct information about the tenets of Islam. It is our aim to educate our viewers and to show the Truth of Islam, in all its beauty. (Old layout:


Islamic Forum's   
ormerly known as the Islamic Gateway, is a website best known for the Ummah Forum, a large English internet forum for Muslims. As of June 2013 the forum has over 70,000 members. is based in the UK, as are the majority of its voluntary contributors and active forum users. The Ummah forum membership is mainly composed of Muslims of Pakistani and Indian origin residing in the United Kingdom.


Support groups

Solace -   
Solace was set up in 2010 by a group of sisters who were concerned about revert sisters in difficulty, regardless of whether they have been Muslim for 2 weeks or even 20 years; it supports them when they are going through life’s problems alone, suffering in silence, or even no longer enjoying their Islam. Solace is there to listen to them, empower them, and develop a mutual personal development plan which is realistic and person centric, and which will help them reach their short and long term goals.


Islamic TV and Raido

Islamic channel   
Islam Channel is a UK-based, free-to-air, English language, Islamic-focused satellite television channel, provides alternative news, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective, funded by advertising and donations. It was reported in 2008 that UK government research found that 59% of British Muslims watched the channel.

DigitalMimbar (Khalifah Klothing)  
A regularly updated resource wiht many features channels, lectures and seminars.

Halal Tube   
A vast resources of Islamic lecturers, talks, khutbahs etc from Muslim speakers.



Videos, Lectuers, Discussions, Khutbahs, Nasheeds, Quranic recitles

Islamic Tube  
An Islamic focused collection of topics and video clips 

DigitalMimbar (Khalifah Klothing)  
A regularly updated resource wiht many features channels, lectures and seminars.

Halal Tube  
A vast resources of Islamic lecturers, talks, khutbahs etc from Muslim speakers.



My Halal Kitchen   
My Halal Kitchen is a halal food and cooking blog featuring culinary tips and healthy halal recipes anyone can make.  This website offers hundreds of great Halal receipies, healthy altrenatives, is regularlly updated, has food sugestions for Islamic holidays - Eid, ramadan suggestions and traditoinal food served. 


Islamic art

Pattern In Islamic Art  
This website offers an archive of over 4000 images of patterns and other design features drawn from the rich cultural heritage of the Islamic world. Historically, the decorative arts have always formed a major part of Islamic aesthetic expression. Its remarkable achievements in this direction (much of which are represented here) make it an invaluable resource for designers of all kinds as well as for art-historians and art-lovers generally.

The Internet Islamic Art Database  
A website that aims to make Islamic art and literature easy to find and enjoy. Everything is labeled, categorized, digitized, and if non-English, translated into good English so that language and cultural barriers will never prevent you again from enjoying the beauty of Islam.


Islamic art - Online Magazines  
REDEFINING ISLAMIC ART FOR THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD, the online magazine is devoted to Islamic art. By presenting Islamic art to specialists and the general public, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of Islamic culture. The topics range from traditional to contemporary Islamic art and cover all media. The continuity of essential aspects of Islamic art over time teaches us to benefit from its importance and beauty.


Islamic exhibits at the V&A Museum London

V&A Islam  
The Victoria and Albert museum has a great site full of resources of Islamic art, history, architecture, design and lots more...

Maths and Islamic art and design  
An article written for teachers, but contains information and activities that teachers (parents and families) may like to use with their students to explore the Islamic Middle East collections at the V&A. It can be used to support learning in Maths and Art. Included are sections on: Principles of Islamic art and design Pre-visit activities Activities to do in the museum etc

Exploring calligraphy through the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art  
Calligraphy is a highly distinctive and well-developed feature of Islamic art that appears across all art forms and historical periods. There are many outstanding examples on display in the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art at the V&A.

Islamic architecture of the Middle East
This series of short videos was created for visitors to the Islamic Middle East gallery at the V&A. The videos show some of the great historical buildings of the Islamic period. This is the architectural setting for which many of the objects on display in the gallery were made.

Drawings of Islamic Buildings  
The Alhambra Granada, Spain, Built chiefly in the 13th and 14th centuries 
The Alhambra (from the Arabic, Al Hamra, meaning The Red) is an ancient mosque, palace and fortress complex built by the Moorish monarchs of Granada, in southern Spain. The name is probably derived from the colour of the sun-dried tapia of which the outer walls are built.


Islamic art to buy

Irada Islamic Wall Art  
We design and produce stunning, exclusive Islamic wall art by the world‘s greatest Muslim artists that stick on your wall but look like the artists painted them on it just for you.


Islamic calendar and pray time resources  
Importance of Moon Sightings, prayer and fasting time caculations etc..  
Info about moon sighting, Islamic calendar, prayer times, and Qibla direction along with info about when and where on earth moon sighting is possible.
(The site claims it was established in 1993: But it desperately is in need to be completely overhaul, becaues it looks like its still stuck in the late ninetees. Folks having a do not click link on a serious site - absolutely makes no sense).


International News from Islamic Countries

(English language National news papers)

Al Arabiya - (The Arabic One) The Arabic One - Saudia Arabia
Launched on 3 March 2003, The channel is based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates, and is majority-owned by Saudi broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC). Some believe that Al Arabiya was created to be a direct competitor of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera. As a response to Al Jazeera's criticism of the Saudi royal family throughout the 1990s, relatives of the Saudi royal family established Al Arabiya in Dubai in 2002. According to a 2008 New York Times profile of Al Arabiya director Abdul Rahman Al Rashed, the channel works "to cure Arab television of its penchant for radical politics and violence", with Al Jazeera as its main target. Al Arabiya is said to be the second most frequently watched channel after Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia.

GDN-ONLINE Gulf Daily News - Bahrain
The Gulf Daily News is an English-language newspaper published in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is distributed locally in Bahrain. It is owned by the Al Hilal Group, which publishes 13 other newspapers and magazines, including the local Arabic newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej. The paper, which is one of six daily newspapers in Bahrain, calls itself "The Voice of Bahrain". The name is abbreviated the GDN.

The National AE - UAE
sAll the latest and breaking news in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates from The National, the leading English-language voice in the Middle East. Provides news and analysis, business, sport and culture reviews for the United Arab Emirates and Middle East.

Emirates24|7 - UAE provides real time reports with focus on UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Gulf-Khaleej. Emirates 24|7 offers breaking news, business, entertainment. They are a Dubai Media Incorporated news website and television news programme, respectively. The televised news programme, Emirates 24/7, is a 30-minute segment broadcast weekly on Dubai Media Inc.'s television channel Dubai One, presenting news and business stories of the week and UAE viewers' reactions.

Daily Outlook Afghanistan - Afghanistan
The Daily Outlook Afghanistan is the first English newspaper of Afghanistan. It covers national and international news with circulation of 10,000. It is published by Afghanistan Group of Newspapers, an independent media group which also publishes The Daily Afghanistan, the largest Persian and Pushtu paper in Afghanistan and is the country's pioneering English language publication both print and online. روزنامه انگلیسی آوتلوک افغانستان.

The Jakarta Post - Indonesia
A daily national newspaper, owned by PT Bina Media

JakartaGlobe - Indonesia
Launched in 2008, is an Indonesian national paper. Owned by PT Jakarta Globe Media

New Straits Times - Malaysia
Malaysia's oldest newspaper still in print, founded in 1845. Owned by Media Prima, its a pro-government tabloid now and politically right wing.

Dawn - Pakistan
Founded by Quaid-i-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi, in October 1941, was a mouth piece for the Muslim League.
Flagship of the owners Dawn Group of Newspapers, published by Pakistan Herald Publications, that also publishes Spider an IT magazine. Political leanings, Liberal, centrist and progressive Pakistani nationalist.

The News International - Pakistan
A daily Broadsheet, published by Jang Group of Newspapers. Founded in 1991, with a certified circulation of 140,000, published in Karachi, Lahore and rawalpindi/Islamabad, plus there is an overseas edition published from London.

Pakistan Observer - Pakistan
A daily Newspaper, published in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, Peshawar and Muzafarabad, founded in 1988, by Mr Zahid Malik and lead by him and his three sons. Though not in the league of Dawn or The News International - its popular among its readers.


London Central Mosque Trust & Islamic Culural Centre - London
Central London Mosque - Regents Park

Lewisham Islamic Centre - London
South East London Mosque

South London Islamic Centre
South London Islamic Center (Streatham Mosque)

East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre
The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre is in the heart of Tower Hamlets, a diverse borough with a rich history, and home to the UK's largest Muslim community.

West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
Mosque Management Training Program. In association with Faith Associates WLIC has organised a Mosque and charitable organisation.

Green Lane Masjid
Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC)



Kingston Mosque and Kingston Islamic Association
The Kingston Muslim Association (KMA) provides a range of holistic services for the communities of Surrey, drawing on our Islamic values and heritage, with a view to improving quality of life and enhancing community cohesion.

Croydon Mosque
Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre website

Shahjahan Mosque - Woking 
The Shah Jahan Mosque, built in 1889 by Dr Gottleib Wilhelm Leitner, was the first mosque to be built in the UK and Northern Europe. The mosque is situated on Oriental Road in Woking   Majority of the worshipers at the Shah Jahan Mosque follow traditional Sunni Islam, the Hanafi branch of jurisprudence, and the teachings of Ahmad Raza Khan Brelvi. These teachings advocate and promote peace, justice and harmony for all regardless of faith, background, culture or race.



Norwich and Norfolk Muslim Association
The Norwich & Norfolk Muslim Association ( NNMA ) is a registered charity which serves the Muslim population within Norfolk and Norwich. 

Ihsan Mosque - Norwich
The core of the Muslim community of Norwich, which uses the Ihsan Mosque in Chaplefield East, is made up of approximately 200 men, women and children from a wide variety of backgrounds. The majority are British-born converts to Islam. 


West Midlands

Birmingham Central Mosque
is the second purpose built and one of the largest mosques in Western Europe, which was built in 1969 and opened to the public in 1975. The most inspiring value of this mosque is its Multi-denomination position which means it does not belong to any one particular sect or school of thought but it represents all Muslims from any background. It is one of the most recognised religious buildings in the city of Birmingham and as a result, a vast number of people (Muslims and Non-Muslim) visit the mosque throughout the year.



Liverpool The Al-Rahma Mosque (Arabic: مسجد الرحمة‎) 
Is a mosque located on Hatherley Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, England, which can accommodate between 2,000 and 2,500 people and serves as the main place of worship and focus point for Liverpool's Muslim population, estimated at 25,000 people. The Al-Rahma Mosque is currently the largest of Liverpool's three mosques, followed by the Penny Lane mosque and a proposed mosque and Muslim centre on the former Anfield Community Comprehensive School site.



Glasgow Central Mosque
The majority of the earliest Muslims to arrive in Glasgow from India and Pakistan lived in the Gorbals. The area had previously attracted waves of economic migrants from both Ireland and then later, Jewish communities, with many Italians also arriving in-between this period. The Muslims steadily outgrew their exisiting places of prayer, progressing from Oxford Street through Carlton Place and finally ending up at the present purpose built four-acre site at 1 Mosque Avenue, which officially opened to the public on 18th May 1984 at a cost of over £3m.

Edinbrough Central Mosque
Edinburgh Central Mosque is located in Potterrow near the National Museum of Scotland and University of Edinburgh's Old College and George Square campus.



The importance of seeking knowledge and education - for both Men and Women - in Islam

"If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise".
"He who issues forth in search of knowledge is busy in the cause of Allah till he returns from his quest".
"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"
"He who leaveth home in search of knowledge, walk in the path of God”
"Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave”


Ibn Mas`ood, radiallaahu `anhu, said:
“True knowledge is not measured in relationship to how much you memorize and then narrate, but rather,true knowledge is an expression of piety [protecting oneself from what Allaah prohibited and acting upon what He mandated]. “Also, “Study and act upon what you learn.”
(Related by Abu Na`eem)

All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry.”
Imam Shafi’i (rahimullah)

“There is no worse calamity for knowledge and its people than when outsiders intrude. They are ignorant, but presume to know. They cause trouble yet think that they are helping.”
Imam Ibn Hazm Rahimahullah

Seek (beneficial) knowledge,because seeking it for the sake of Allaah is a worship. And knowing it makes you more God-fearing; and searching for it is jihad, teaching it to those who do not know is charity, reviewing and learning it more is like tasbeeh. Through knowledge Allaah will be known and worshiped.”
Ibn Taymiyyah

A learned man who doesn’t restrain his passions is like a blind man holding a torch, he guides others but not himself.
Shaykh Sa’di

Knowledge is my companion, it is with me wherever I go. My heart is its container, not the bookshelf.
Ali RA

The creative spirit demands persistence. Seeking knowledge at an Young age is like engraving on a stone.
Hasan al-Basr