• Learn and perfect your salat, its recitation, the pronunciation of the Arabic verse’s (surahs) and increase the repertoire of surahs you recite during salat
  • If you have learning difficulties, suffer memory problems, are dyslexic - this app is designed with you in mind.
  • A sneak look at Pray With Me 2.0, with a brand NEW UI, easier to use, with a host of new features to aid in learning, perfecting and performing salat.
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Free mobile app

Pray With Me Now Available In A Lite Version Free at the App Store

Pray With Me Lite

Is available for download to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and NOW for Android mobile devices.

Pray With Me Lite offers the Maghrib salat and 3 suras of various lenghts to assist in perfecting the pronunciation of the Arabic verse or your Maghrib prayer.

The full version of Pray With Me offers you access to ALL of the five daily prayers and 37 specially recorded surah's to select from. 

To celebrate the release of out Lite version of Apps, the Paid Full App is on a limited time promotion, on sale for 2/3rd's off regular store price. 

More Information

Version 2 is here

Pray With Me - Isha App screenshot

Free mobile app


A mammouth release

Pray With Me 2 has is now available, rebuilt from the ground up, is now a feature rich application that aims to assist and all your salat needs. The core function of the app is to aid in perfecting the pronunciation of the Arabic verse (suras), for the 5 daily prayers (salat), while actually preforming salat or used as a stand alone application.

A must have teaching and learning aid designed for all and particularly useful for converts, reverts, those with difficulty memorising suras, or wish to ensure they are reciting suras correctly, (as suras have to be recited in Arabic). Or if you just want to have a larger selection of suras to call upon from memory while preforming salat.

The app now with a simple, colourful, modern and very intuitive user interface. us, with specially commissioned recordings, to aid in the learning and familiarisation of the suras, recorded by Sheikh Ayman Mohammid Ayyash Hashim, Quadi and Imam, Khateeb Jama Masjid Baseerah, Jeddah.

This is only meant to be a teaching and learning aid and one should wean them selves off it once the verse's have been learned.

  • Everything you need to know about salat
  • A personal vocal assistant 
  • A learning add to in perfecting of salat 
  • Especially commissioned recital of salat and over 40 surahs and du'as
  • A brand new user interface built from the ground up
  • A percentage of revenue goes towards registered and vetted islamic charities

New Islamic Centre

Lewisham Islamic Centre - LIC - proposed building

Contributions to new Mosque

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of PRAY WITH ME app, are designated as donations to Islamic charities throughout the world, initially first project is to raise funds for the re-construction of a mosque, the Lewisham Islamic Centre (LLC).

Any one who prays or uses the above establishment - we are promised rewards and blessings in perpetuity. Details of the project are listed below. 

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Listen to Pray With Me

Sample Suras from Pray With Me.
Sura 103 Al-Asr

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Sura 109 Al-Karfiroon

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Application Images

Inspiration for Pray With Me

The inspiration for the app came from my own experiences and those of family members. 


I thought that if I knew people who could benefit within my close circle, everyone else probably also knew someone it could help: